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TATO by Kathe Gogolewski Reviewed by Susan Stephenson

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Solving amazing problems is pretty much standard fare in children’s fantasy novels. But rarely do we meet such endearing characters as Tato and Michael, nor such a complex situation to be resolved.


Michael is a loving young boy who is trying to come to terms with the death of his beloved grandfather. Tato looks a lot like a potato, but his heart is all human.  When their parents are sucked into another realm, Tato helps Michael and Nicole in their quest to rescue them. The trio must face up to the danger of a soul-sucking mirror then enter the Interior Zone and grapple with the gigantic creatures they find there.  Michael learns about his own power and ultimately finds that only he holds the key to resolving their situation.


This is an action-packed, intriguing story from Kathe Gogolewski, sure to delight 10-14 year-olds. Whether in describing the details of Tato’s dresser-drawer home or chilling our blood by recounting Michael’s battle with the wolf spider, Kathe’s writing sweeps the reader along with her finely-crafted tale.


If you’re a french fry fiend, or you have a pal who loves potatoes, put this book on your menu! If you just want a totally potatoriffic, unforgettable story, then “TATO”, by Kathe Gogolewski, has all the elements. Read an excerpt at  TATO will be available at Wings Press ( from November 1st 2005.


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