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A Phantom Love for Laura Lee reviewed by Lea Schizas
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A Phantom Love for Laura Lee

By Kathleen Galajda

Published by Publish America

Genre: fantasy/romance

ISBN: 1-4137-6760-5

Pages: 111

Everyone in life, at times, experiences either one of two strong emotions: a disconnection from their surroundings or a direct connection and bond with another person. Now add these two elements together and you have Kathleen Galajda’s fantasy/romance A Phantom Love for Laura Lee.


The story follows Laura Lee, an artist, trying desperately to push herself out of a rut after the death of her parents. On the spur of a moment, she answers an ad and rents a cottage in Jefferson county. Little did she know this cottage will hold many surprises for her.


The twist with this novel is that the author has spun two tales in one book. She not only tells the story of Laura Lee and the mysterious man she has fallen in love with, but also of Detective Mark Johnson, a man tormented with the death of his wife and child. This torment comes to the forefront when he gets involved in the death of a young woman. An unusual pull into this woman’s life begins to get a hold on him and the need to find out what happened to her gets stronger by the minute as he reads her diary.


Kathleen’s writing voice is fresh and entertaining. Although the book contained a few typos and areas where the manuscript could have been tightened up, overall these do not take away from the story captured within her book.


It reads fast, its haunting tale draws you right into Laura's life and won't let go until the very end.


Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviewer


                                      GOODRose, Large

Rose, Large 

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