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Life is an Open Secret reviewed by Lea Schizas
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By Zabrina Abu Bakar
Being of Greek Orthodox faith, many may believe their own faith holds the truth to the world. However, the glorious truth to mankind is not separated by religion but the way we perceive the world that surrounds us.
Right from her opening lines within her Introduction, I knew Zabrina must have penned a truly inspirational anthology, for her generalization of a saying used by many is also one I’ve repeated many times in my life:
“Years ago, I heard a line that says Life is full of lots of ups and downs. During that time, I was not at the right age to fully comprehend what it meant. Years later, I still don’t think I know what its full meaning is, but, through my own personal experiences and
observation of happenings around me, I believe that I have got a rough idea of what the ups and downs in life are.”
Although the stories are based from Zabrina’s own Muslim faith and contains passages from their teachings, her stories reach far beyond the borders of division between one religion and another. It captures human instances of life we all share at one time or another. We learn of these ‘ups and downs’ and how our own faith, and in this anthology, the Muslim faith, helps to sustain a person through these ‘downs’, to give them the courage to seek guidance, peace, and an understanding.
The author’s very keen sense of placing just the right passage from the Quran within each story brings these tidbits of life’s meanings closer to the heart.

Reading the stories and the excerpts made me remember something my father once said to me, “For some it’s God, or Buddha, or Allah…many agree to disagree, Lea, but one thing remember-- It is how you choose to live your life that counts the most.”  And this inspirational quote from dad is exactly the same sentiment I felt while reading Zabrina’s motivational anthology: learn from others stories and guide your life down the right path.
I highly recommend Life Is An Open Secret if you’re searching for inspiration.
Lea Schizas – Muse Book Reviewer

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