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The Reckoning of Asphodel reviewed by Christine I. Speakman
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The Reckoning of Asphodel

Reviewed by: Christine I Speakman

Written by: Celina Summers

Publisher:  Aspen Mountain Press

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60168-038-9 (electronic)

Pages: 480

Price: $6.99

3 out of 4 roses

The calm before the storm…bringer.


This is not just another tale of human and elves.  This is not just another tale of good over evil or even about kingdoms stolen.  It is about friendships, love found, trust rebuilt, and magic.




Celina Summers’ “The Reckoning of Asphodel” is a fresh telling of one of my favourite fantasy themes.  These are characters with new voices.  This is only the start of what will be a permanent part of my personal library.  Celina Summers is one of the few authors I contacted midway through reading and demanded she had better be writing more.


What makes me so excited about “The Reckoning of Asphodel”?  From the prelude onwards there is a quiet power in the heroine’s voice.  Tamsen Ka’antira de Asphodel watched as her uncle killed her parents.  And as Ms. Summers unveils these murders you will hear the determination in Tamsen’s voice.  Her questioning, her fears, her sadness, her love, and her power are opened to the reader’s ears.  I haven’t cried during a fantasy book in some time.


I could tell you about the battles, the magic, how clearly Ms. Summers has written her world, and her loyal characters.  But, for me, this eBook is about emotions and Tamsen’s quiet haunting voice.


“The Reckoning of Asphodel” will not disappoint fantasy fans.


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