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Silent Battlefields by Hugh Rosen Reviewed by Bunny Miner
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Genre:  Historical Fiction
Title:  Silent Battlefields, A Novel
Author:  Hugh Rosen
Publisher:  iUniverse, Inc.
Pages:  240
Price: $26.95

In one moment, a quick decision changes the lives of a young German soldier and a frightened young Jewish girl and binds them together forever.

Young Selig Kruger reluctantly joins the Hitler Youth when it becomes law for all to do so, but finds himself indoctrinated in the cause.  When he finds a young Jewish girl hiding in a closet, though, his views change.  Selig lets the girl escape and then runs away himself.  When pursued by his fellow soldiers, Selig finds he must kill them in order to save his own life. 
Selig then spends his life atoning for his past as he hides the fact he was a Nazi from his family and friends. 
The past, likewise, plagues Eva, the young Jewish girl.  Never able to truly trust after the atrocities endured by her people, Eva still cannot forget the young German soldier who spared her life.  Nor can she forgive him for apparently killing her parents.

Rosen’s book chronicles the lives of these two characters that could represent many individuals of the Holocaust from shortly before they meet
through adulthood when they must decide how they fit in each other’s lives.

Rosen masterfully interweaves several story lines without being confusing or leaving things untied.  His writing is crisp and concise without being  boring.  His facts seem well researched and it makes the reader want to  look more closely at this part of our world’s history. 
The reader will connect with the characters and feel filled when the book ends.  I found this book to be very well written and would definitely recommend it.


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