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The Legend of Juggin' Joe Reviewed by Mary Schneider
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Genre: Historical Fiction
Title: The Legend of Juggin Joe
Author: Joseph Yakel
ISBN: 1-4116-2588-9
Pages: 121
Price: $9.75 print $2.76 download US


"Ever’one knows ah Juggin Joe from the now famous "Juggin Joe an’ his Buckboard Band", but I don’t think they’s many that know how he got tah where he’s a tahday."

So begins the tale of Juggin Joe, a jug-blowing country music legend from Westerlo, NY’s mountain country.  Joe’s rise to stardom is littered with mishaps, from the time he set 100 frogs loose in his mother’s cabin, to the flying squirrel incident.

Joe’s story is more than just another super-star biography.  Woven into the hillbilly discourse is a love story as old as the hills and as fresh as a mountain spring.

Follow Joe’s trek from the mountain country he loves to the lights of the big city, as he enters the service of his country and assists President Ronald Reagan in bringing down the Berlin Wall.

While the phonetic spellings littering the text made reading Juggin Joe a challenge, the story gems make mining the lines worthwhile.  The flying squirrel attack alone makes Juggin Joe worth the read.

I give Juggin Joe a Muse Review mark of Good. You can purchase the Legend of Juggin Joe through Lulu press at:

Reviewer: Mary Schneider, Muse Book Reviewer


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