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One Italian Summer Reviewed by Lea Schizas

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One Italian Summer
by Janet Mills
ISBN: 1-59374-433-1
Whiskey Creek Press 

When all seems to be falling apart, there is always...a trip to Italy.
Natalie Compton was going through some major changes in her life; divorced, and a son who conspired to live with his dad. In comes the opportune trip that will transcend into one Natalie will never forget.
Janet Mills takes you on a virtual trip into some of Italy's finest tourist attractions. Her descriptive ability to enlarge these panoramic locations with her written word brings the whole scenery to life. 
One Italian Summer will capture your interest from the very beginning, excite your sensual being cheering all the way for forty-three year old Natalie Compton when her heart begins to flutter for one mysterious Italian, Giovanni Ragazzo. However, Giovanni's initial encounter with Natalie has him in a charade of pretense, which threatens to ruin any chance he has with this American beauty.
There comes a time in one’s life when a change is needed to refresh the spirit, to drag it out of its present slump. One Italian Summer offers a reader a Harlequin-type romantic escape, to live and experience everything Natalie Compton feels. Janet Mills' prolific writing style takes you step by step through her character’s emotions, and brings the trip to Italy alive right in your living room. 
I recommend this Great Read to anyone seeking a bit of ‘Italian fun’.
Lea Schizas – Muse Book Reviewer

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