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Does Your Meter Work? by Jim Soliski Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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Title: Does Your Meter Work?
Author: Jim Soliski
Publisher: Western Publishing
Genre: Non-fiction/Travel
ISBN: 0-9734809-0-4
Price: $13.50US   $17.95CAN

Jim Soliski's forward alone provides all the necesary elements to make an honest evaluation on his style of writing. This part had me flipping the front cover to make sure I wasn't reading 'On Writing' by Stephen King. Clear, straight to the point style gave me my first impression of Jim - 'I like this writer's style."
Don't expect your everyday travel log here. Jim has a no-holds method of visualizing his visits in such a way to actually allow a reader to 'feel' them. Soliski takes you scuba-diving in the Philippines, climbing Mount Kinabalu on the island of Borneo, out in the 'hooking' streets in Asia, visiting such places as Thailand, Cambodia and Taiwan, to name a few.
Does Your Meter Work? is written in almost a diary type format, moving along Soliski's travels from one place to another, opening up the doorway to place you smack in the center of his adventures. These are not places one normally travels to, thus the heightened read to actually 'be there' without 'being there'. Jim's writing is prolific, humorous, and this is the reason I was able to 'see' this Canadian author's visits.
If you are searching for a true account of the streets in some of Asia's less traveled spots, the going on behind the scenes, the people you will meet, then I highly recommend Does Your Meter Work? by Jim Soliski.
Be warned: laughter will be had and a concise visual will be given.
Lea Schizas – The Muse Book Reviews
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