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I,AM by Deon C. Sanders Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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Deon C. Sanders (pen: Deno Sandz)
ISBN: 1-55404-315-8
Genre: Supernatural/Horror - Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 76 Pages
Published: January 2006
Imprint: Double Dragon Publishing

Evil and Good once more at each other's throats.

Unlike other horror books where a select few have the privilege of witnessing the evil spirits at work, in Deon C. Sanders "I,AM" a whole city witnesses the devastation of cruel acts committed by I,AM.

The book opens up with Kumhuma meeting up with God where Kumhuma receives an amulet...and thus the story and thrilling plot begin. For safe keeping after his fellow monks in the monastery are killed by opposite factions trying to seek out the Golden Scroll, Kumhuma sends the amulet to his parents, to give to his younger brother, Michael, when he comes of age.

Eventually, the Golden Scroll is found, and inevitable testing of its origin begins, finaly coming to rest in 1999 at the Archaelogical Museum in Chicago. And where now 35 year old Michael is a homicide detective with the Chicago Police Force.

At an earlier age, Michael had a vision of the heavens and a war to come. And a war most certainly arrives in Chicago's doorstep. The scoll opens up the path for I,AM to enter this realm and begin his unleashing of the evil he possesses. This opening begins the doorway to the book's plot:


In the midst of good,

There is evil,

In the midst of evil,

There is...I,AM

There is lots of action and moving scenes, never boring a reader. One aspect I found the author could have fully thought out was the 'good guys' tried to shoot him, I,AM, yet their efforts were useless, but they still continued their relentless motions. However, in all due fairness to the author, the policemen using their guns were not always the same ones; thus their unknowing knowledge of their glistening hardwares effect on this deity.

The name I,AM is perfect, almost like an analogy of one's self fighting an evil within. And a twist, to my surprise, I,AM is NOT Satan, but one of a higher rank. The link to destroying him goes back to the very first character we meet in the book, Kumhuma. He is the only one aware of the elements needed to destroy this monstrosity. Michael is unaware his brother is shadowing his every move. Kumhuma waits for the perfect moment, the time he knows Michael will be needed to stand beside him while they confront I,AM head on.

But, the story between evil against good itself, although Sanders does offer a satisfying conclusion , is not over with yet, as in this passage demonstrates:

"Finally, there was peace in Heaven again and the world was free from both Satan and I,AM, at least for awhile. See God understood humankind's curiosity and knew that eventually, man would summon the entity once again."

Overall a good read, ups and downs to secure you in your seats to find out what will happen.

Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviewer

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