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Irresistible Challenge by Tricia McGill Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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Irresistible Challenge

Tricia McGill

Wings ePress

Contemporary Romance

ISBN 1-59705-014-8


Meet Tricia McGill

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Two Brothers + One Woman = Loads of Sexual Innuendos


Amy lived a happy life; worked at the bank, dated the handsome Tony Bowen with an imminent marriage down the line, cherished and frolicked with her cat Goldie and Jess her dog.


Then it happened…


HE came back to Yewbank, her small town. The love of her teenage years, Andrew Bowen, Tony’s brother, throwing her calm and serene life in emotional and sexual turmoil.


A la Harlequin style, Tricia McGill wraps her characters within your curiosity factor to find out what’s going to happen.  This contemporary romance will have you rooting first for one brother then the other.  A thoroughly entertaining book with several twists and turns, blinding you to Amy’s final decision as to which of the two brothers she will finally give her heart to. Even then, the author punches in a new dilemma that will have you thinking, “Did she make a mistake?”


I have to admit once I started to read it was very hard for me to walk away from the story. The need to find out who Amy was going to choose and what was going to happen was truly overpowering. Although not a typical romance reader, more of the suspense/thriller books, Irresistible Challenge did indeed capture my attention. There were a few instances where I felt Amy's inner thoughts were a bit overly dramatic and perhaps childish but nothing that takes away from the read.


Tricia McGill showcases her talent as a multi-published author with this novel so much so it prods me to pick up another of her books. A great read.


Lea Schizas – Founder and Muse Book Reviewer


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