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Invest in Your Nest by Barbara K Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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Add Style, Comfort, and Value to your Home

Barbara K

Published by Rodale


Price: 19.95US  26.95CAN

Pages: 237

Genre: Nonfiction: How-To

Plan, outline, assemble…then redo once again.


How many times have we designed or decorated a room when down the line we decided to change the look because it was ‘old news’? I’m figuring many of us have done this. Knowing where to begin, who to contract, what goes into the planning stage are just some of the things that worry any homeowner faced with a new project.


Barbara K takes you step by step in some of the details necessary to better inform and educate a homeowner before they open up their wallets.  For example:




She answers simple questions such as:


Who does it?

How long does it take?

How much will it cost?

What happens?


Her answers better prepares a homeowner to figure out if they can afford it,. Scattered throughout the book, as well, she offers tips along with some easy-to-do projects for those with some ‘do it yourself’ flair.


But more than a simple How-To book, Barbara also goes into some detail about purchasing a home and equity. After all, without a home there’s no need for a major overhaul, right?


Some of the projects you’ll read in great detail are:


Remodeling your kitchen

Remodeling your bath

Improving your curb appeal

Learn about various tiles and backsplashes

And more.


Her simple and straight to the point manner will add confidence to a homeowner approaching a new project. Invest in Your Nest outlines projects to suit all types of budgets.


As a do-it-yourselfer type of a gal, I was hoping for more such projects but this book is more than a DIY. It’s a reference book to all homeowners to better understand the costs, labor, and essential products involved before deciding to go ahead. So if you’re planning on adding a new décor, save yourself some cash heartache and read Invest in Your Nest.


Lea Schizas – Muse Book Reviewer


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