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Evan the Warrior Reviewed by Bunny Miner
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Genre:  Children's SciFi
Title:  Evan the Warrior of Nod
Author:  Tamara Shepherd
Publisher:  Publish America
ISBN:  1-4241-0858-6
Pages:  105 pgs. Large Print
Price: $13.95

At twelve years old Evan discovers a new world and his roll in it. 
Evan is the Warrior of Nod.


Not only does Evan need to adjust to a new country for the fourth
time and a new school but now he's stubbled onto another world where his sister is kidnapped.  Only Evan and his friend Moze can find and save her from a certain death.  In the magical world of Nod, they discover many amazing things and in the end fight Lord Pharrris to saveEvan's sister. 


But who will triumph?  The powerful wizard or a young and uncertain
warrior of Nod.


As a former English major, teacher and writer, I wanted so badly to
cheer Tamara on for her ability to get a story written and published but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't overlook the blaring mistakes and problems with this text.  Tamara undoubtedly has a strong desire to write and is actually on the right track but it is obvious she is a novice writer and needs more time to hone her craft.  There's the makings of a good book here but Tamara rushes through the 'meat' of the story and spends far too much time with the background info.


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