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Return of the Sword
An Anthology of Heroic Adventure
$16.50 plus shipping
Return of the Sword is a brand new anthology of blood-pounding, spine-tingling stories by some of fantasy's most critically acclaimed Sword and Sorcery authors.
Stacey Berg, Bill Ward, Phil Emery, Jeff Draper, Nicholas Ian Hawkins, David Pitchford, Ty Johnston, Jeff Stewart, Angeline Hawkes, Robert Rhodes, E.E. Knight, James Enge, Michael Ehart, Thomas M. MacKay, Christopher Heath, Nathan Meyer, S.C. Bryce, Allen B. Lloyd, William Clunie, Steve Goble, Bruce Durham, and Harold Lamb present you with enough fast paced adventure to keep you reading for hours.
A hand painted, wrap around cover by fantasy artist Johnney Perkins ensures that Return of the Sword will not only be enjoyable to read, but also look good on your coffee table or bookshelf.
Too long have the halls of fantasy been dominated by packs of weak-kneed elves hunting goblins and doughty dwarves mining for gold. Return now to the days of true adventure. Unsheath your sword and enter if you dare!


Gino's is down here." I shoved my hands into my jacket pockets and started down the hall. Jason hesitated again. This time, I wasn't worried. He was either going to follow me, or get back in the elevator by himself. I counted to three and smiled. The sound of footsteps hurrying after me usually gets that reaction.
We walked together to the end of the hall to a door with a large sign bearing the name 'Gino's' in fancy script. I knocked and waited. The door ignored me so I knocked again. This time, it opened and the heavenly smell of frying hamburger drifted through the crack. Jason's eyes lit up brighter than the hall bulbs. I snickered, pushed the door open and walked into what had once been a living room. Jason followed me, stopped just inside the door and stared at the mystic symbols etched into the walls, his jaw hanging almost to his knees.
I took my jacket off, tossed it to one side then cracked my knuckles and turned around. "Welcome to Gino's." I grinned again, only this time not so nicely. His face turned the shade of French vanilla ice cream and he backed up. Right into the waiting arms of Gino himself. I smirked. "You shoulda run when you had the chance."
When Lynda passes her final exam with flying colors, she graduates into the elite world of Wizards. Unexpected side effects of her graduation spell, an evil wizard with designs on the city and a nosy mother complicate things. Lynda finds her life spiraling into chaos and to make matters worse, she's falling in love!

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