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The Ultimate New York Diet Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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The Ultimate New York Diet:

The Fastest Way to a Trimmer You!

By David Kirsch

McGraw-Hill Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0-07-147582-2

This newest diet book is not only for New Yorkers. And its different and enticing format will appeal to many who are interested in a ‘lose up to 14lbs in two weeks’ spruce-me-upper.


David explains how his diet program will not only help you achieve a loss in weight (if followed and executed according to his program) but also goes on with the changes you will begin to feel, most notably a more self-confident person. Using his 20 years experience as a personal trainer and wellness coach, David’s book is filled with healthy, knowledgeable insight. The one thing, for me at least, which compelled me to continue was the way he doted on his mom, complimenting and acknowledging her initiative to participate in his program. This spoke volumes for his personality.


The personal accounts (along with before and after pictures) of those who are trying his program and their thoughts are a great additive. It’s nice to be able to relate to another’s struggle, or simply view their body as being similar to yours as a motivating factor.


The ‘what not to eat’ with the ‘what to eat’ section is basically familiar territory in other diet books.


The NY diet is based on three phases:


PHASE ONE: one that is always hard for someone trying to lose weight but a needed step to achieve their goal: refrain from eating the ‘what not to eat’ food


PHASE TWO: you’ll begin to learn how to maintain your weight loss and apply the various food groups he offers in his recipe section


PHASE THREE: this part is crucial since this is the area you must maintain to fully enjoy a healthy life.


Bonus for me was his detailed exercise program…with pictures! I loved it.


Throughout the book David’s mannerism is not one of preaching but more of an up beat ‘you can do it’ cheer which is both inviting and helpful to boost the need to try it.


Along with the healthy recipe plans, he also has a section titled: EATING OUT where some of the more well known cultural menus, such as Greek, Japanese, Indian, etc, along with the well known fast food joints such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc are given with an 'AMONG THE BEST/AMONG THE WORST' foods listing found in their establishments.


I highly recommend this book for more than one reason other than the biggie being to lose weight:


1- it's a butt kicking motivational push to get you spirited in taking care of your body


2- if you're not interested in a diet but have been searching for an exercise program, the book has it


3- if what prevents you from eating healthier is a lack of what foods to eat, then his recipe section is just perfect


Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviewer

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