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Shepherd's Pie reviewed by Christine I. Speakman
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Shepherd's Pie


Written by J. D. Webb

Publisher's website:

Cozy Mystery

eBook ISBN 1-59705-067-9    $6.00

Paperback ISBN 1-59705-396-6     $10.95

224 Pages



Reviewed by Christine I. Speakman

Hammer plus Spenser mixed with a little Magnum equals Mike Shepherd.


J.D. Webb's inaugural private investigator (sorry Mike, researcher) is a likeable guy.  He's not too tough or soft, no sarcastic humour or foul language.  He's just trying to do what he does best without destroying his relationship with lady-friend, Diana. 


Missing yet another dinner date isn't going to help. Diana being stalked and kidnapped by Mike’s foe, Ferlin Lewis won’t help much either.


It seems Lewis is tired of Mike hounding him.  All Lewis wants is a quiet ranch out west.  Stealing from banks is just the end to his means, what’s the problem with that?  Now Lewis is going to have to get mean.


Mike’s challenge is to stop Ferlin Lewis before any more friends die.


While there are few story facts that don't seem to match as the story moves along, these are small and do not take away from the entire package.  What makes this novel is the twists of fate...sometimes less is more.  Then again, J.D. Webb's more adds to an already suspenseful page-turner.


"Shepherd's Pie" is a lively introduction to a new writer and his family of characters. I especially like secondary characters Rosie and Bebe.  This not quite cozy or hard-boiled private detective (oops, researcher) makes for an enjoyable afternoon read.  Fans of this genre won’t be disappointed.


I look forward to the next Mike Shepherd novel.  


Christine I. Speakman - Muse Book Reviewer 


                        *GREAT RERose, LargeADRose, Large

Rose, Large 

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