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T An Auto-Biography Reviewed by Mary Schneider
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Genre: Historical Fiction

Title: T An Auto-Biography

Author: Feather Schwartz Foster

Publisher: Red Engine Press

ISBN: 0-9785158-3-8

Pages: 68

Price: $9.95 US

“I rolled off Mister Henry Ford’s Assembly line bright-eyed and busy-tailed and spanking-shiny new.”


Feather Schwartz Foster takes us on an engaging journey through America ’s past, riding the story of a Model T Ford, from assembly line to the final resting place of all cars.


Along the way, readers will meet such American icons as Babe Ruth and Jesse James, and get a glimpse into the birth of Rosie the Riveter.


The author’s engaging style and unique voice brings life into an inanimate character and carries the reader into a world of recollection while avoiding the musty nostalgia of dry history text books.


T An Auto-Biography is a fun read, and an enjoyable way for a new generation to understand the culture of a time gone by.I give T An Auto-Biography a Muse Review Mark of Great Read for its ability to entertain old and young alike.


Available through:, Barnes &, or your local retailer.


Reviewer: Mary Schneider; Muse Book Reviews


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