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The Knowing reviewed by Christine Speakman
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The Knowing, By Larriane Wills

Reviewed by Christine Speakman


Swimming Kangaroo Books, October 2006




ISBN – MS Reader 1 934041 11 4

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Paperback – 1 934041 12 2

297 Pages


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Control the religion; control the power.


It is said that one day the Atat Comm will lead the people back to All Who Is One.  The Priests of Oldspushner fear that is Garran of Lockmer.  The Sisters of Treach have taught Garran their ways…ways not normally taught to boy-children.  Both sects have their reasons for Garran’s death and life.  Garran believes in nothing, he’s just a solider made Governor of Sheritan.  And now he’s caught up in the politics of people who’s soul desire is power.


The people of Sheritan don’t like Garran.  They work the mine and have only ever been used by past Governors.  Why should Garran be any different.  But he is.  There’s a leader, Caslock, who is taking over wherever he goes and he’s on his way to Sheritan.  However, Garran’s preparing a way to safety…tunnelling through the mines to the other side of the mountains, a chance for the people of Sheritan to escape slavery and worse.  However, Caslock is also chasing the Princess Fayahstella, future Queen of Ives.  Her father wants to use her for aid; the Priest, High Priest Bashsay, Consular to the King, Guardian to the Princess, would use her to trade for power with Caslock. 


Now, Princess Fayahstella is an interesting character.  She must be guarded against all evil, temptation, and sin at all cost.  Her clothes are of such volume she cannot sit; when she walks she appears to glide.  Her headdress barely fits through Garran’s office door.  She must always wear a veil; therefore, eating or drinking with others is impossible.  There are always three ladies attending to her…they stand between her and all.  Then there’s her voice; the Royal Voice.  It has been said it was given to her by Oldspushner to protect her from evil.  And, no one is allowed to talk about anything informative in front of her…again to protect her innocence.  Is it no wonder everyone thinks she has no brain.


But, that’s far from the truth.  This is a story of two very different people whose lives become entangled.  She to escape from being a pawn used to gain power.  He to unite the people abused from those in power.  Together they try to bring peace and harmony to a struggling world.


At first glance “The Knowing” appears overly confusing and even tiring.  However, this is a great read!  The character Garran is blatantly honest and open.  He’s a rough man used to living by his rules all the while knowing what others planned for him, and what others would do to him.  He’s loyal to his men and well liked.  The safety of the everyday citizens of Sheritan comes first.  He’s a character that will stay with you, an original.


Princess Fayahstella is very interesting.  I’ve never read of a character so wrapped up in protectiveness, catered to at every turn but not a whining pain in the butt.  She’s no dummy.  Fully aware of the priests’ plans for her, she looks for a way out.  She stands on her own two feet.


Background characters are richly written as well.  Immediately you sense the beginning of a possible series of stories.  They’re too good to leave.


Larriane Wills’ book “The Knowing” is simply written.  A fast paced story, which is difficult to put down.  Thoroughly enjoyable, leaving me wanting more stories with these characters.  Please, may I have some more?


               *GREAT RERose, LargeADRose, Large

Rose, Large 

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