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The Spiders Meet the Children reviewed by Christine Speakman
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The Spiders Meet the Children


Written by: Kathleen L. Galajda

Reviewed by: Christine I Speakman




ISBN:  1-4137-4923-2


Pages: 163


Price: $19.95


Genre: Family/Children Fiction

Sometimes you just have to trust.


I am very happy to have “The Spiders Meet the Children” in my daughter’s library.  This is a keeper.


Mother Nature created the Protectors to help the animals who live around the swampland in Jefferson County.  The Protectors resemble large spiders.  Okay, spiders aren’t my favourite critter; however, they make the perfect characters because most find them icky.


Hoppie and Shawnee are two Protectors.  Their Tribe’s leader, Snipper, raised them after their parents’ death.  Snipper worries about his brother and sister.  Will they listen and obey the one rule – never go near humans.  Will their innocence destroy their Tribe?


Of course, the adventure truly begins when Protectors and humans meet.


Ms. Galajda has written a timeless story of friendship and life lessons we all want for our children  – without the pain.


I love this book.


Christine Speakman - Muse Book Reviewer


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