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An American Hedge Fund reviewed by Lea Schizas
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An American Hedge Fund

by Timothy Sykes

ISBN 978-0-9795497-0-0

To be released October 2007

Non-Fiction: Business/Personal Finance



Manipulation and Understanding...Strategy...Greed
The three important areas I understood from Timothy Sykes to be important in understanding not only the hedge funds but also the stock market, are:
  1. Manipulating and understanding the bits of news cast via news reports and web forums on new markets entering the stock exchange or established markets. Understanding what the 'between the line' reads of each report means and calculating, or rather, risking a 'go forth' motion to buy shares.
  2. Strategy, without one you may end up losing your shirt. How much of your earned income are you willing to put out in the hopes of a gain.
  3. Greed, this follows Strategy. When you have set a goal and the market is going in your favor, sit down and contemplate what you are risking for the sake of greed and more possible earnings.

Welcome to Timothy Sykes' exciting and quite often exasperated life. This young man has accomplished more in such a short span than most I have come across.

My knowledge of the stock market was minimal and anxiously awaited for my copy of An American Hedge Fund to review. I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

Timothy's book is not your run of the mill stock market/hedge fund reads. Although I was anticipating lesson plans on how to move in the market, what I gained by reading his own know-how, failures, and successes in a world I know so little of, was priceless.

His straightforward, step by step experiences allowed me to step into his world and feel right along with him when thousands were lost, and applaud when thousands were won. His true self portrait as one who, at times, came across a bit cocky only allowed me to bond with him further.

Here you have a man who before his mid twenties achieved over a million dollars by aggressively researching the stock market, investigating reports on new companies, keeping watch in forums and trying to pick off the true reports from those there only to hype a market for their own gain.

Through his adventure, one begins to understand this often puzzling method of earning revenue aside from a regular paycheck. You get an inkling when the market becomes a 'bull' or 'bear' market; you understand the importance of not following everything you read; you get to understand the manipulation of some to attract investors by using other well-known companies as a billboard ad.

If ever there was a straight forward, get to know what the market is all about book, An American Hedge Fund is that book. There is nothing more educational than listening to a teacher who has been there, who has experienced the highs and lows of the markets and who is willing to share them with you in an honest, and perhaps, brave manner. I say brave because I am sure many hard core investors probably won't appreciate Timothy's 'total' honesty.

A great and fast read ,and one I would recommend to all thinking about investing into the stock market, to read beforehand.

Lea Schizas - Founder of The Muse Book Reviews.

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