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The Once & Future Now Reviewed by Christine I Speakman
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Reviewed by Christine I Speakman

Written by Jim Gilbert


Published: eTreasures Publishing


Genre: Suspense

ISBN: 0-9740537-5-9 (ebook)

Pages: 316

Price: $5.50


4 out of 4 roses

”Learn and live, stay stupid and die.”  So says Mr. Gilbert’s hero Jack Drake, and what a perfect quote.


Think Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and “The Da Vinci Code” mixed into one fantastic thrill ride…and you’ll be close to the excitement contained in “The Once & Future Now.”


Who and why does someone want Jack Drake dead?  Jack’s an artist and part-time actor with the North Georgia Renaissance Faire.  How could winning a genealogical search of his family get him in so much trouble…three countries worth of trouble; political trouble; secret society trouble?  Bring in a red-haired, green-eyed beauty and Jack’s in real deep trouble.


I refuse to tell you more about this exhilarating story you must read it for yourself.


Mr. Gilbert has brought together the artistry and myth of yesteryear, mixed it well with modern day conspiracies theories to tell what could be a very plausible tale.  He has kept his story crisp and detailed.  His action scenes are easily pictured and believed.  His conspiracy theories are fun to contemplate.  His characters are as invigorating as they are hilarious.


I gave up a solid night’s sleep only because I couldn’t stop reading, please tell me there will be more of Jack Drake and friends…Russia is waiting.


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