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Extreme C-Sections reviewed by Christine I. Speakman
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 Extreme C-Sections!

Reviewed by Christine I Speakman

Written by Michael Carson


Publisher: Book Surge Publishing

Genre: SF/Fantasy

ISBN: 1419649213

Pages: 376

Price: $17.99


2 out of 4 roses



If it can parodied Michael Carson will and has parodied it.


The very front of “Extreme C-Sections!” lists this as “a sci-tirical comedy” and that’s exactly what it is.  It is also “futuristic” as per the front cover.  It is also a lot to take in.


There’s an interesting ending to “Extreme C-Sections!” but I can’t talk about it.  There are space invaders…hmmmm, there are lots of space invaders, the book’s chock full of them.  Name the movie space invader and they are in here.  Think “Aliens” and you will understand the book’s title.  But you will never think of them the same way after reading the book.


There are heroes and heroines and extras…hmmmm, should I mention the extras after all they are just kinda there to die.  No one is wearing a red shirt (think Star Trek) but the extras are still there for the same reason.  Heck, one or two even talk.


Hey, there’s even someone who yells at the author for using/borrowing/parodying a certain movie’s moves (psst, think really really slow bullets and bending backwards).  This isn’t the only time the author breaks that fourth wall…talks to us knowing we’re reading a book.


I’m not sure if Michael Carson has a funny mind or a strange one…maybe quirky.  I do know he has written a very complex book.  I will call it a success at parodying some of my favourite space movies.  Mr. Carson may have overstepped a little on the parodying…too much of a good thing.  A little less would have made it a stronger book, for me.


“Extreme C-Sections!” isn’t a fast read.  Took me longer than normal to read only because of the extent of material brought in.  I was entertained.  I did laugh…and groan.  I will be bugging my husband to read it, if only to confirm I read what I think I read (and understood).


I’m walking away from “Extreme C-Sections!” the same way I did when I read “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” with a great big…I think I got it, let me check, yup he did write that.


Yeah, “Extreme C-Sections!” will stick with you.  I better not dream about it.  Mr. Carson didn’t really…nah…well, maybe…dangit gonna have to go back and check…sheesh, it is gonna bug me till I find it.

                              *GOODRose, Large
Rose, Large 

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