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Hocus Pocus reviewed by Christine I. Speakman
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Hocus Pocus Book 1: The Spellbound Trilogy

Reviewed by: Christine I Speakman

Written by: Rhonda Plummer



Genre: Romance Contemporary
SubGenre: Paranormal
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-814-2
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-59374-813-5

 Pages:  378 pages
Price: $5.99+


4 out of 4 roses

And you thought your parents were interfering!


Back in 1700 one woman cast a spell to change her daughter’s future, and her daughter’s future, and her daughter’s future and so on and so on and all the way down to three sisters: Ginger, Cinnamon, and Rosemary.  The three sisters are about to discover there’s no running away from fate…or their ancestry grandmother’s spell.


“Hocus Pocus” definitely fits the paranormal genre, and the fit is perfect.  Each sister has her own powers; powers that will be torn from them if they abuse them, powers that will leave if they neglect them; powers that will end if they sleep with any person not their “true life mate.”  The life mate that will appear, all in good time, during dream visions.


At least that was the original plan until Aunt Pesty decided to ‘help.’


In “Hocus Pocus” Ginger finds her life mate in Cole.  Cole has been sent to catch the gold-digger that’s marrying his Uncle Martin.  The gold-digger he believes is Ginger…or Cinnamon…or Rosemary…with triplets who wouldn’t be confused.


Have I mentioned that the triplets’ deceased parents make appearances every now and again?  Just enough to set their daughters straight and hand out wise advice.  Just enough to baffle their daughters with enigmatic hints.  Just enough to add a wonderful element to an already superb read.


I like “Hocus Pocus.”  I mean I REALLY like “Hocus Pocus.”  This is a fun read on so many levels.  The women are awesome, amusing, and adorable in their love and teasing of each other.  The men are smart, sexy in their normalcy, and totally baffled by the women they love.  I even like the romance aspect of the story.  Reading “Hocus Pocus” is like watching two people you know belong with each other discover their love in spite  of themselves.


Rhonda Plummer has crafted a story that is completely believable.  She has written with a simple straightforward style that’s filled with humour and love. 


I want more!  Thank Heaven for book two:  “Abracadabra Book 2: the Spellbound Trilogy.”  Read them in order or in your own order, any way is a great way.


Don’t miss Rhonda Plummer’s “Spellbound Trilogy.”


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