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It Had to be Us by Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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It Had to be Us

by Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence

Published by The Romance Club

Sometimes a reflection of our youth’s mistakes, our undying commitment not to take any stupidities, or our need to sit and ponder why it was the way it was, helps us to see with a different pair of eyes. This is the case in the Lawrence’s heartfelt story of discovery.


Memory reflections are hard because at times we are better able to analyze elements that were truly never there.  Therefore, certain situations can be avoided. In the very beginning we see how a response as simple as “That’s what you always did” can punch a hurt feeling into Elizabeth, while acknowledging Harry’s regret once these words escape his lips. Two people who once loved each other, divorced for many years, now tiptoeing around each other, unsure of how to react or what to say without first thinking their actions.


If you believe butterflies and jitteriness over seeing a past love or hopes for a rekindling of a romance long gone is only associated with adolescence, then think again. Harry’s and Elizabeth’s recounting of their eventual meeting after so many years apart definitely is a motivational and inspirational read. Through their story one can possibly see themselves in a given situation and make them wonder and appreciate what they have now; perhaps cause them to move in a direction to help strengthen their relationship by opening up communication or seeking help.


The quick journal type read, each reflecting their own impressions on the same given situation, only proves how, at times, men and women perceive things differently. Nonetheless, Harry and Elizabeth give a candid recollection of their true feelings, as they rediscover them.


I have to say when I first approached this book to review I felt it was out of my league since my forte is more thrillers/suspense and not nonfiction. Within the Foreword, reading the turmoil they endured, my curiosity ate away to find out what exactly did they do in their eventual meeting. And then I was captured. All it took was a day to complete this romantic nonfiction tale and the review words just flowed naturally.


To my surprise and delight, Harry and Elizabeth supply you with a scrumptious assortment of recipes at the end as an added bonus. This was a great read.


Lea Schizas – The Muse Book Reviewer


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