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Range War Bride By Brenda Williamson Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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Range War Bride

By Brenda Williamson

Whiskey Creek Press

ISBN 1-59374-663-6

Hardheaded cowboys, strong-willed damsels, and a whole lot of chasing.


In times where mysteries, romance and suspense rule the bookshelves, comes a western using all three elements to entice the reader. Williamson’s “Range War Bride” borders soft erotic romance with intense emotions between Danika Stanislaus, our beautiful and strong-willed heroine, and Alex McClaric, our hardheaded hero.


Yet, a border of Greek tragedy also stimulates the read. Within a few chapters, we begin to feel sympathy for the Stanislaus family; hardworking immigrants who want no trouble yet trouble found them. As in the traditional read you may find in a Harlequin Romance- boy meets girl, girl thrills boy, boy plays hard to get yet sexual desires begin to rule and emotions take over.


The story begins with a sudden cattle stampede. A near-death situation brings our hero to the rescue.  Yet his good intentions are met with fury from the Stanislaus family when it’s discovered a family member perished in the stampede. Their anger is aimed at Alex who they believe purposely started the stampede to gain access to their land.  Danika’s attraction to Alex is immediate. Alex’s sexual arousal to this young lady has him going in circles. And the story takes off from there. Each chapter introduces new faces and new twists, which play a vital role to the plot.


There were areas where the author could have expounded more on certain details concerning the deaths surrounding the Stanislaus family. I felt there were questions never fully answered.


All in all, Brenda Williamson’s steamy western romance “Range War Bride” is a good read.


 Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviewer


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