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Desolation Island by Terry L. Vinson Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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ISBN: 1-55404-375-1
Genre: Suspense/Thriller - Supernatural/Horror
Published: July 2006
Imprint: Double Dragon Publishing

Steroids has nothing on these guys!


Place a bunch of villains in a cellblock and you may have a riot. Now place a bunch of villains with super powers, plus one mighty pissed off innocent hero in the pot and you get Terry L. Vinson’s “Desolation Island”.


The book begins with our main and lovable character Ben Thomason reminiscing with an old friend about the good ol’ days when ass kicking and chasing villains was an ‘honorable’ job to have. As the conversation progresses, you experience his views on how the system has changed…but more than that you find out Ben is hiding out, framed for a murder he didn’t commit.


Immediately within several pages, a reader is thrust into a super fight…and I mean super strength fight with an unsuspecting foe for Ben.


Defeated, enraged, and yet framed for another murder, he is now facing life at Desolation Island, the government’s top secret ‘Alcatrez’ for super villains. This enclosure meets every single possible counter measure to fight the gifts these prisoners possess…but does it?


Desolation Island was built on a secret plan to host a very mysterious entity, which only a few handpicked were privy to. Determined to unravel and discover the secret of this entity, a small squad of specialists enter this fortress. In a strange turn of events, Ben will be thrust for the fight of his life alongside some of his past friends and foes but more importantly, beside the gal he shunned not long ago.


Terry brings Desolation Island to life with his individual character profiles, and one can’t help but fall in love with Ben’s egotistical, macho and sarcastic personae. The whole book was a “Marvel’ delight to read and very easy to visualize as a movie. For those who love X-men, you’ll truly enjoy this Great Read.


Lea Schizas - Founder of Muse Book Reviews
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