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I Am Her Ears by Jean Norman Peters Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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 I Am Her Ears

By Jean Norman Peters

Photography by Mary Jane Archer

Gizmo Press

ISBN: 0-9749911-0-4

Genre: Children’s 

A disability and a loving pet = a lasting bond


Anyone who has ever owned a pet understands the bond forged.


Now add a disability to the picture and the bond tightens even more between owner and pet. Especially when your pet is your ears as is the case in “I Am Her Ears”.


Jean brings us a delightful and true account of Gizmo, the little pup who eventually found a loving home as a ‘hearing dog’, in the pup’s point of view. Gizmo takes us along in his story from his experience in the kennel, his certification as a hearing dog, all the way to his happy new home.


Mary Jane Archer does a great job adding just the right pictures to add visuals for the young readers to appreciate the value of the book even further.


The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is now  celebrating 136 years of service and friendship to animals as stated at the back  in Jean’s NOTES AND NUMBERS FROM THE AUTHOR. Through I Am Her Ears children will appreciate these specials dogs we sometimes forget they have the ability to be more than just ‘pets’.  


The book is a quick read with very cute pictures spread out throughout this tender and touching tale.  The reader gets to feel and see the dog’s perspective and how the little animal feels while he hopes a family will take them home with them.


This 26 page hard cover children’s book is a great read for family reading. Its educational value in learning all about these hearing aid dogs will sharpen a young child's mind to appreciate and value these animals ever further.


Lea Schizas – Muse Book Reviewer


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