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Twisted Tails Anthology Reviewed by Lea Schizas
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Twisted Tails Anthology

Compiled and edited by J. Richard Jacobs

Published by Double Dragon Publishing

ISBN: 1-55404-339-5



Mix a bit of mystery, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy and you’ll get the delightful and engaging romp of several writers to form the entourage of Twisted Tails Anthology.


I began to highlight some of the stories I liked when I found myself highlighting EVERY story. Each one with its own unique twist, I had a hard time pinpointing which ‘tail’ I should describe to offer a glimpse of their ingenious writing voices. It’s suffice to say these tales read quick, entertaining, and prove why each one was chosen to be in this anthology.


Thirty one engrossing tales, each unique in quality and style to entertain every genre reader around. The ‘twist’ to these tales are their ever surprising twist endings, hence the name ‘Twisted Tails’.  As a writer I know the difficulty in writing a complete story with as few words as possible and still be able to leave your character lingering in your reader’s mind. Well, let’s just say not only were some of the Twisted Tails characters lingering long after ‘The End’ came around but so were the stories they had to tell.


The anthology begins with a fairy-tale atmosphere but soon travels in other directions. Each twist at the end surprised and delighted me. How nice it was to read a story and not figure out where the author was heading until the very end.


The neat thing about shorter stories is you could print them out individually and take them with you to work, to school, to the park, anywhere where you can sit while on a break and absorb yourself into the writer's world he/she has created for your entertainment.


Although I did have my favorites, as a whole, the book did exactly what it promises: twists your gut to figure out how it will end. Awesome 'tails'.


Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviewer


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